A development education resource exploring human development and human rights

Today, over 80% of the world’s population lives in the Third World where some 48% of people live on less than $US2 per day. 57% of the world’s people must share 1% of the world wealth while the richest 1% controls over 40%. The rich of the world continue to consume resources (such as oil and metals) and produce wastes (such as plastics and greenhouse gases) at a rate of 32 units per capita while the poor consume at a rate of 1 unit per capita.

Such inequalities did not happen by chance – they have been created and are maintained by a wholly unjust and unsustainable model of international ‘development’ (and ‘underdevelopment’).

80:20 Development in an Unequal World explores these, and many other, inequalities and injustices in an accessible and understandable fashion. This development education resource offers ideas, facts and figures, graphs, images and cartoons as well as analysis of the world today. It comes with a support DVD containing over 100 activities on using the book and its contents in educational settings plus a range of additional materials including video resources.

This 6th edition is published by 80:20 Educating and Acting for a Better World, Ireland and the University of South Africa Press.

This site introduces the book and its contents; provides a range of free extracts and graphics to read and use and details for purchasing the book.

For additional information or to contact us our email address is ciara@8020.ie