Our Approach

80:20 plans and organises its work around a set of 7 Key Values

We see education as fundamental to human development and we promote educational values, principles and methods

We are concerned with the challenge of human development in all dimensions and promote development education as key to this. We understand development to mean human development and are particularly concerned with ‘Developing World’ realities and perspectives on this issue

Human Rights
We root our analysis in a human rights framework and thus, in our activities, publications and projects, we promote human rights values and instruments as well as perspectives

80:20 actively promotes an international perspective in all its work and, in particular, perspectives from the ‘Developing World’

We encourage ourselves and others to pose the question – what is fair/unfair and from what perspective

In its methodologies as well as perspectives, 80:20 actively promotes participation and ownership of the education and development agendas. Public ownership of the agenda is a fundamental 80:20 value.

80:20 sees education as a core action agenda item and encourages discussions and debate about the nature and ownership of action in response to inequalities and injustices.

Our projects have 3 objectives

  1. to build understanding
  2. to support popular education
  3. to promote active citizenship

80:20 believes in

  • using active and innovative educational methods
  • encouraging people to question and challenge their own preconceptions
  • building communities through education
  • linking local issues with international and ‘Third World’ issues
  • highlighting human values, human rights and human dignity