30th September 2020

Want to end the gender pay gap? Become a Procurement Officer! – posters

What can one person working in procurement really do to change ‘buying culture’ in a vastly unequal world? Quite a lot, actually. What’s going on in your supply chain, and what can you do about it? You may have heard about fairtrade, but what about unfair trade? Good value and value for procurement investments isn’t … More Want to end the gender pay gap? Become a Procurement Officer! – posters
27th September 2020

Webinar 29 Sept: The Economics of Care work in a Capitalist Economy

Why is the very labour that is at the heart of our economy underpaid and what are the solutions? Join us for an open discussion led by Ursula Barry (UCD) and Aoife Smith (The Great Care Co-op)
30th August 2020

Launch event 31 Aug: Catch Them If You Can – new report

Join us for an afternoon talk to launch 80:20's new briefing paper on the challenges of achieving financial justice, the facts on aid vs actual financial flows to rich countries and a take on all of this from Times of Malta journalist Bertrand Borg and legendary political cartoonist Brick, aka John Stuart Clark
24th August 2020

Event Aug 25th: Profiting at all costs? Investing ethically as if people and planet matters

Join us for a lively discussion that will explore ethical finance, community institutions and investing in a fairer and safer world for everyone
6th August 2020

Valerie Lewis announced as chairperson of 80:20

80:20 Educating and Acting for a Better World is delighted to announce education and curriculum specialist Valerie Lewis as the new chairperson of the human rights and development education non-governmental organisation
2nd July 2020

Webinar 9th July: East Coast Doughnuts and Community Economics

Joining the conversation will be Dr Julian Manley of The University of Lancashire. Dr Manley current research focuses on the social value aspect of working and living co-cooperatively and the Preston Model
20th June 2020

Webinar 2nd July: East Coast Doughnuts and Community Economics

Join us for a two-part series on 2nd and 9th July 2020, with Common Ground Bray, Dublin Food Co-op and 80:20 on community economics in an unequal world during a time of Covid-19
5th February 2020

Workshop 15th Feb: Catch Them If You Can

Join us for an interactive workshop to learn and co-collaborate and on designing responses to global finance and radical inequalities!
11th November 2019

An open letter from civil society to the World Bank and its donors

80:20 joined 173 civil society organizations, national education coalitions and unions, based in 63 different countries from every continent in the world in signing a public letter in support of development aid going to free, quality public education.
27th September 2019

45% off – October back to school discount

The back to school discount applies to all resources/posters for the month of October.