Northern Ireland: A Place Apart? Exploring Conflict, Peace and Reconciliation in these Islands

This resource provides a range of activities and information designed to encourage understanding of, and engagement with, issues of peace and reconciliation.

Northern Ireland: A Place Apart? is an educational resource designed for use with students aged 14+, and is based upon three key ideas:

  1. The conflict in Northern Ireland is not just about Northern Ireland – it is about both of these islands and needs to be addressed on both islands
  2. There is a need for educational resources which deal with the conflict and its consequences
  3. Young people have a need and a right to engage with issues of Conflict, Peace and Reconciliation
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Product Details

Written by: Tony Daly, Trevor Elliot, Susan French, Kenneth Griffin, Clare McGeady, Maria McLaughlin, Melanie O’Brien, Linda Quigley, Ciara Regan, Colm Regan and Mairéad Ward
Format: Paperback | 66 pages
Publication date: 2000
Publisher: 80:20 Educating and Acting for a Better World and The Glencree Centre for Reconciliation
ISBN: 0-9535136-3-7
Publication City/Country: Bray, Co.Wicklow, Ireland