The Lives We Live: Women and Human Development in Zambia: Issues and Debates – a photopack

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This photopack focuses on the issues of women’s rights in Zambia today. Through the use of 32 photographs, a range of different activities, a set of key facts and divergent viewpoints, the resource explores and debates issues such as education, work, HIV and AIDS, and how they impact on women’s lives.

Though focused on Zambia, The Lives We Live raises broader questions and challenges universally particularly as regards gender-based inequality and poses the fundamental question – why is it that today ‘no country treats its women the same as its men’.


  • Introduction (the six big ideas behind this pack)
  • Section 2: The value of learning with photographs (Using photographs to stimulate; General activities for using photographs; Identifying and discussing the issues; ‘reading’ a photograph – two examples)
  • Section 3: Understanding the individual photographs
  • Section 4: Using the photos to explore specific themes (Women and Education; Women and HIV and AIDS; Women and Work; Women and Inequality)
  • Section 5: Human development in Zambia: background information (general statistics on human development; Women and human development in Zambia; Women and HIV and AIDS in Zambia; Map of Zambia)
  • Bibliography

Product details

Written by: By Bertrand Borg and Valerie Duffy

Format: Photopack

Page extent: 46 pages, 32 photo cards

Publication date: 2010

Publisher: 80:20 Educating and Acting for a Better World

Publication City/Country: Bray, Ireland and Lusaka, Zambia

ISBN: 078-0-9567185-2-5