Questioning Matters

The Questioning Matters project aims to challenge the spread of misinformation by promoting critical media literacy in an increasingly polarised world and build the knowledge, capacity and confidence of adult literacy tutors to embed active citizenship through education.

Questioning Matters will be delivered in partnership and with engagement in North Wicklow and the wider Wicklow/Kildare region with the Bray Area Partnership, the Bray Adult Learning Centre and the National Adult Literacy Agency (NALA).

This literacy project will expand and build on the key resource produced by theĀ  NALA and 80:20 on the topic of facts, media literacy and adult education on global issues in 2021, titled Facts Matter.

We will promote critical thinking alongside digital media literacy through anti-poverty and social inclusion education approaches. The project will take place in the north Wicklow region and be based around current events and protests recently. We want to empower adult literacy and education tutors to support adult learners to think and discuss key issues in the community such as poverty, migration, active citizenship and community development. We will use inclusive and participatory approaches. Educators that work with minority groups will be included.

The project will make use of blended learning spaces through a combination of:

  • Workshops and consultations on current topics and education materials,
  • Piloting a micro-learning text-messaging approach, and
  • Sharing these approaches through learning networks in Wicklow / Kildare based on a half-day conference in 2023.


This project is supported by the ALL Collaboration & Innovation Fund, 2023