Catch Them If You Can – a briefing paper on how financial transfers from poor to rich is the rule, not the exception

This briefing paper is primarily focused on financial transfers – those transfers to and from developing countries in the wider context of radical inequalities and human underdevelopment. It is an ongoing story that concerns each and every one of us – not just politicians, business people and policymakers.

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Publication Date: 31 August 2020
Authors: Tony Daly and Colm Regan
Publisher: 80:20 Educating and Acting for a Better World
ISBN: 978-0-9930234-5-3

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Table of Contents

The 5 to 1 Reality
What really is a million, or a billion…or a trillion?
Confused about legal, illegal and illicit flows?
1. Financial transfers: who wins, who loses?
2. Global Financial Transfers – patterns, trends and consequences
3. We are all involved, usually unknowingly
How it works 1 Corporations and ‘transfer pricing’
How it works 2 State aid tools of attraction
How it works 3 How to shift profits into a tax haven
4. Illicit or illegal financial transfers – a summary
5. Thinking about what next?
Data sources

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