Stay Safe. Invest Ethically

Many day-to-day activities are all too familiar, such as buying goods or services either in person or online, taking out insurance or making regular contributions towards your pension or savings.

But do you know what happens with your money and its real-world impact on the planet and on others along the way?

This brief people’s guide to investing ethically:

  • Sketches the background to the issues and how they have evolved
  • Offers a set of 8 key principles which should guide all levels of practice regarding ethical investment
  • Outlines the key values and principles that underpin the debate

The Stay Safe. Invest Ethically guide was produced by the Catch Them If You Can working group comprising members of cooperative Common Ground Bray, the Trade Justice Group, Comhlámh and 80:20 Educating and Acting for a Better World.

Download the Stay Safe. Invest Ethically guide (PDF)
Publication date: August 25, 2020
ISBN: 978-0-9930234-9-1
Working group members: Niall O’Connell, Tom O’Connor, Tony Daly, Karen Hammond, Leyla Karaha, Katie Martin, Sínead Moore, Rosy Wilson, Loukia Moussoulides, Sameera Mushini, Colm Regan, Ruaidhrí O’Sullivan, Margit Stiebitzhofer and Sarah Symes.

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