Submission / Irish Aid Development and Global Citizenship Education Strategy 2021- 2024

The consultation process for the development of new Irish Aid Development and Global Citizenship Education Strategy 2021- 2024 took place from February – May 2021. As part of a series of consultation activities, including town hall events, written submissions were invited from the public.

Submission date: March 19, 2021
Page length: 7 pages
Download: 80:20 submission to the Irish Aid Development Education Strategy review

Written submissions of 2,500 words or less were invited, responding to 8 questions:

1. How can Irish Aid support life-long learning and increase public understanding of and engagement with development and global citizenship issues as well as increasing awareness of the Irish Aid programme?

2. Are there other groups or organisations we should seek to work with in order to build this awareness and engagement?

3. What has changed in the external environment since 2017, both in the education sector and broader societal changes nationally and globally, and how should that be reflected in our priorities, our relationships and in our revised strategy?

4. What do you consider to be the key areas of progress made since 2017 in the implementation of the Irish Aid Strategic Planning process? Are there any key lessons learnt or gaps in the current response?

5. With reference to the five output areas of the current Irish Aid Development Education Strategic Plan, what do you consider the key priorities for 2021- 2024 should be?

6. Irish Aid is considering changing the name of the programme and strategy to Global Citizenship Education, do you have any comments or concerns in relation to this suggestion?

7. What opportunities have arisen from the COVID-19 experience and how can we learn from it in order to reach a broader audience?

8: How can technology and digital outreach help us?

Key documents: